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We will not use food banks for activities that contribute to reducing food loss and promoting the SDGs. mosquito.
~ Food provided to food banks can be fully deductible for tax purposes. ~

Frequently asked questions and questions are listed below. Details are as follows
I have attached the link. Please refer to it. (Food bank: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries source)

We are considering providing food to organizations that conduct food bank activities. Is it permissible to include the cost of providing food bank food in the deductible amount at the time of providing the food?

If the provision of food to the food bank is substantially done as your company's product disposal, the cost required for the provision may be included in the deductible amount at the time of provision.

What do you mean by "costs related to provision"?

The cost required for provision refers to the "book value of the food provided". If the company bears the cost of picking up the food (delivery cost, etc.), these costs are also included.

Are there any tax incentives for donating to food banks?

Regarding donations to specific food banks such as certified NPO corporations, there are preferential tax measures in which the deductible limit is set separately from general donations. https:www.maff.go.jpfoodbank-10 (Food bank: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries source)

Each person's power becomes great power. Let's expand the circle of support by many companies

By engaging in activities that support our own future, we can contribute to the promotion of the SDGs.

Child poverty measures are positioned as Goal 1 of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015.
The National Campaign to Support Children's Future was decided by the government's SDGs Promotion Headquarters in December 2019. It is included as one of the main initiatives in the “Expanded Action Plan 2020”.

There are various ways to cooperate as activities that contribute to the promotion of SDGs.

≪At a company or organization≫ (Example)・Donation by bank transfer or credit card
・ Call for fund-raising activities at stores, etc.
・Selling products with donations
・Part of the proceeds will be donated
・Donate goods ・Call for donations at events

Through the promotion of food bank activities, we aim to reduce food loss and create a society that solves poverty problems.
(Example) Donation of food, etc. that cannot be sold for various reasons during the process of production, distribution, consumption (printing errors, deformation of outer packaging, etc.)