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Seikatsu General Incorporated Association, Ehime Prefecture
Representative Director Kimiko Sugawar


Ehime Prefecture Seikatsu was launched in April 2023.
We named it Seikatsu so that we can always have the spirit of “mutual respect” and “always thank you” and carry out “sunny activities”.

Three years have passed since the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and with the spread of COVID-19, lifestyles have become established, and efforts to balance infection prevention and socioeconomic activities have begun to be explored.

In 2021, economic support measures such as comprehensive support funds and self-reliance support funds, whose application deadlines and periods have been extended, have ended, and the new coronavirus infectious disease has already threatened the livelihood base such as suspension of business, closure of business, and decrease in income. The expansion of the population has a great impact on people's lives. In particular, it is expected that people in socially vulnerable positions will be seriously affected.

Ehime Prefecture Seikatsu is still a small organization, but based on developing support activities for those who need it through food, we are also promoting initiatives such as SDGs for regional safety and global environment maintenance in preparation for disasters. I want to

Even if the spread of infection subsides and socio-economic activities become active, we believe that it is a post-corona social issue not to leave these people in poverty or in an unstable situation. We will focus our efforts on providing support to those affected, and we will work to ensure that as many people as possible receive support, while deepening cooperation with related organizations and providing meticulous support. Ehime Prefecture Seikatsu aims to contribute to society, including ensuring the safety and health maintenance of residents, and improving the welfare of residents.


The Consumer Affairs Agency is always recruiting food loss reduction promotion supporters.

We will continue to hold lectures and other activities for elementary, middle and high schools, companies and organizations with the aim of widely disseminating knowledge about food loss reduction. Along with this, we are looking for food loss reduction promotion supporters who can work with us. Please contact us for details.
Furthermore, Ehime Prefecture Harukatsu will strive to spread a food safety net throughout Ehime Prefecture by effectively utilizing discarded food by reducing food loss.

Securing food

In addition to providing food to corporate beneficiaries, we anticipate an increase in direct food assistance to needy private households. In order to respond to this, we will step up our appeals to manufacturers, retailers, and companies, as well as to individuals, including through food drives, so that they can provide us with room-temperature products that can be used as staple foods or side dishes. It is also important to secure subsidies and donations in order to develop this business, and we will apply for various subsidies and call for donations widely.

The experience of growing vegetables
~From small success experiences~

If you don't neglect daily care, vegetables will grow little by little until the time for harvest arrives. First of all, together we will experience successes that have been far away from our daily lives. Would you like to take on the challenge with us, one step at a time?

Donation of refrigerators

If the business gets on track, we will switch to the introduction of a warehouse management system for the work that has been done manually until now, and aim for more appropriate and easy-to-use management and reduce the work of staff. I would like to. By building such a system, we can put more effort into supporting those in need, and we believe that we can create a better cycle and flow.

Donation of food drives

We bring together leftover food from companies and households, such as food that is no longer available in the market, etc., even though there are no quality problems, and provide it to the needy. Through this activity, we will be able to eliminate wasted food and provide necessary food to those who need it, and it will also be an activity to protect the environment for companies and others. We believe that this activity will expand the circle of support, and that the involvement of various people will spread the understanding of those in need.

*Corporate activities cannot be continued without the cooperation and participation of individuals, groups, and companies.
We appreciate your cooperation and support.
We would also appreciate it if you could spread the word on SNS etc. so that as many people as possible would know about this activity.


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activity report

We will post advance notices of various events and workshops hosted by the corporation.
― Events
― Workshop
- Related press release
― Seminars, networking events, etc.

Media information

We introduce interviews and articles that have been introduced in various media.
― Posted articles in newspapers
- TV and radio appearances
― Interview articles, etc.


We will send information such as food banks and SDGs.
― Message for Food Loss Reduction Month
― Messages newly discovered through study sessions on SDGs and others
― Related press releases, etc.

PR materials

We will introduce the efforts of the corporation and public relations materials that introduce our activities.
― Newsletter
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current situation

Support for foreigners staying in Ehime Prefecture

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, many foreigners are facing unemployment, reduced income, and rising prices, and the situation is expected to become even more serious in the future. Therefore, Ehime Prefecture Harukatsu believes that "food" is essential to life, and we will work to reach as many people as possible who live in Ehime Prefecture with support. We also have staff and nurses who are fluent in English.

Support for single-parent families

Our aim is to help socially vulnerable single-parent families find peace of mind through food. We provide food to single-parent families. We aim to create a community where everyone has a spirit of "mutual respect" at all times and where everyone can feel happy in their hearts.We also aim to create a community where all single-parent families can eat food and feel happy. We will support you with the aim of helping you.

Support for the elderly

In Japan, the number of elderly people who have no choice but to live on small pensions is increasing year by year. Ehime Prefecture Harikatsu not only provides food, but also builds face-to-face relationships, gives food based on the user's situation, conducts activities with lunch boxes, consults on problems, and connects to related organizations. work. We listen carefully to the voices of those in need so that they can receive the support they need.


It is mainly used for activity funds. This activity fund corresponds to the "activity expenses of the support group". Although it is a non-profit volunteer organization, efforts to solve problems faced by countries and regions naturally require "activity costs," "personnel costs," and "public relations." Basically, it is used for "people and areas with suffering". One example is our efforts to deliver food, blankets, daily necessities, etc. to disaster victims or those in need. In addition, we will procure goods at the necessary timing, such as storage fees, delivery fees, gasoline costs, disasters, hygiene, etc. We will use donations carefully.

We are looking for companies and volunteers who can cooperate.

Serving food

Cost-saving By providing food, you can reduce food loss and consume disposal costs, and also contribute to the local community and improve your company's image.


Business effects and corporate efforts to address local issues create new opportunities. Donations are also tax deductible.

Warehouse offer

A warehouse (food storage space) is essential for our business, so please provide us with space.


I want to donate food

How are the donated foods used?

We will distribute food to people in need, such as children's cafeterias, places that provide free learning support, single-parent families, foreign workers, and the elderly. In addition to emergency assistance in the event of a disaster, we will also help you to rebuild your life.

Can I donate items that have a short shelf life?

In the case of room temperature and frozen products, basically we ask that you donate foods that have a shelf life of at least one month. However, depending on the amount and item, if it is determined that the expiration date is within one month, it may be accepted.

Would you like to resell?

When we receive food from companies and individuals, we exchange an agreement that defines the rules that must be followed when handling food. In addition to hygiene management and traceability of food, there is a statement that it will not be resold.

Can I donate vegetables and fruits?

Vegetables and fruits spoil quickly, so it is necessary to coordinate with the supplier. Please contact us first.

Can you come pick up the food to donate?

We ask for delivery/delivery to offices/warehouses, and carry-in. Please contact us first.

Can I donate even a small amount?

You can donate even a small amount.

I want food

Can individuals receive food?

Currently, Ehime Prefecture Seikatsu General Incorporated Association provides food assistance to individuals for single-parent families, foreign workers, and elderly people who are tax-exempt, but please feel free to contact us first.

How can I get food?

Ehime Prefecture: We would like to hear from you in advance when providing food from Seikatsu. Ehime Prefecture: If we determine that it matches the purpose of Seikatsu, we will provide the food after exchanging an agreement.

Can foreigners receive food?

Anyone who is a foreign worker can get it. Please feel free to tell me if there are any foods that you cannot eat due to religious reasons. We will provide personalized food.

I want to donate money

Can you issue a receipt for the donation?

Funds are necessary for the use of vehicles, the purchase of equipment, and the operation of the secretariat for food bank activities that provide free food. Thank you very much for your donation. If you donate in cash, we will issue a receipt. If you donate by bank transfer, we will exchange the transfer receipt.

Food Safety

How do you manage food hygiene?

Ehime Prefecture Seikatsu has established food sanitation management standards and handles food according to those rules. In addition to full-time food sanitation managers, staff who have completed food sanitation manager training courses are also assigned.


Ehime Prefecture: What kind of initiatives does Seikatsu have?

It is an activity that collects unused food at home and distributes it free of charge to those who need it. It will lead to building a relationship of mutual assistance in which citizens of the prefecture help each other.